XSole PTI: The most efficient and simple
Lone Worker Protection

The XSole® PTI insoles are simple, comfortable and 100% handsfree

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This removable insole is specifically designed to integrate the XStar electronic module. By replacing the original insole, it will provide you with comfort and stability into safety shoes as well as in regular shoes.


With its multi-operator M2M connectivity, this patented safety monitoring device protects simply and efficiently any category of lone worker. Its integration guarantees an accurate detection of unconventional situations.


This Qi charger allows recharging your smart insole wirelessly. You just need to position it within your shoe.


Inside buildings where GPS signal is missing, this beacon guarantees a constant accurate localization of the lone worker in case of a problem.

Solutions & Services

Wearable Technology
The XSole® PTI insoles are worn within shoes as ordinary insoles and involve no modification of working habits.

In case of man down detection, voluntary SOS or other hazardous situation of the wearer, the insole automatically transmits alert to a safety manager.
How it works
Secured supervision
Main alert cases
How it works Secured supervision Main alert cases Advantages

The device works without smartphone or any other accessory.

It combines GPS, GSM and other sensor information and transmits the data taking into account the wearer’s activity.

The signal is received and processed by the TRAXxs platform. This redirects it immediately towards the central security/safety office, and onto the terminal or handset of the person in charge via the XSole® App, SMS or email.

Wireless charging complete the simplicity of the solution.

  • Supervision Interface : SMS, email and XSole® application alert notifications with dynamic display of the wearer’s GPS location.

  • Administrative tools : Pairing insoles and wearers, team and working time management, parameter configuration.

  • Multi-support services : Smartphone, PC, tablet and possibility of API direct access.

  • Man Down detection : If the integrated sensor detects an abnormal foot position (the threshold for the angle and the duration are configurable), a pre-alert is sent to the XSole® PTI wearer in the form of a vibration within the shoe. If the wearer does not respond to this pre-alert, the insole automatically sends an alert.

  • Invisible SOS : In case of verbal or physical aggression, a light injury or to request help, the wearer initiates an invisible SOS by executing a predefined foot movement.

  • Other alerts : Low battery, Global evacuation alert, geofencing, ...

  • Reliable alert transmission : The DATA transmission and the multi-operator connectivity ensures an optimal coverage for alert transmission.

  • Ergonomic and easy to use : Other lone worker alarm devices can become a constraint for wearers and managers. Due to its research and development, TRAXxs offers convenient and comfortable solutions.

  • Precise geolocation : The selected integrated multi-GNSS receiver (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo) is also used in premium brand cars. Inside buildings, the accuracy can be improved by a specific low-cost infrastructure.

  • Battery life : The XSole® battery life is optimized due to its movement sensor.


The XSole frees the employee from any constraint.



The wearer just needs to walk to start the system : the sensors integrated within the insole wake up with movement and also switch on to sleep mode automatically in order to increase battery life.





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How Does it Work?
TRAXxs combines advanced technologies and shoes. We develop ultra-low power protection systems and integrate technology within removable comfort insoles.
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Règles de confidentialité pour l'application mobile XSole - PTI

L'application pour téléphone mobile XSole - PTI développée par la société TRAXxs n'enregistre pas ni ne transmet d'informations à propos de ses utilisateurs.

L'application accède à la caméra du téléphone uniquement afin de scanner des QRCodes et aucune image ou vidéo n'est prise, enregistrée ou envoyée lors de ce procédé.

L'application accède à la position de l'utilisateur uniquement afin de fournir une aide à la localisation à ce dernier mais elle n'est en aucun cas enregistrée sur le téléphone ni transmise vers l'extérieur.

Des informations sont échangées entre l'application et nos serveurs mais, à part pour les informations liées au compte utilisateur utilisé (permettant de se connecter à l'application pour l'utiliser), elles ne concernent que le bon fonctionnement de l'application.